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Janene Warren

Janene Warren

I’m a Specialist Women’s Counsellor, however I also offer Relationship, Child & Adolescent Counselling. Coastal Women’s Counselling was born from my personal desire to help others through the mountains and valleys of life. I’ve spent many years training to become the best therapist that I can be. I practice an Integrative form of counselling, which means that I utilise elements drawn from a broad range of modalities, in order to put together an approach that’s tailor made for you and your situation. 

I’m a level 4 Member of the Australian Counselling Association, and as such, I adhere to the Code of Ethics and Practice of the Association.  Additionally, I complete the required hours of Professional Development and Supervision each calendar year, in order to maintain current registration and to ensure my ongoing Counsellor development. 

What you should expect

As I’ve explained, my role as a counsellor is to help you acquire a better understanding of yourself, as well as working towards the fulfillment of any goals borne from that understanding.

Treating each person as an individual and preserving their autonomy is very important to me. I’ll be listening very carefully to your story and to what it means to you as an individual, rather than attaching any labels or categories.

Depending upon what your issues are and what it is that YOU want from counselling, I’ll assist you to explore your feelings, beliefs, and values to get to the heart of what really matters to you. When appropriate, I’ll offer strategies or techniques that may be helpful. I’ll assist you to work through your issues and find solutions to the problems you’re experiencing.

I’ll also be checking in with you throughout the process to make sure that you’re comfortable with the direction we’re going in. You’ll have lots of opportunities to set me straight if you’re not getting what you want from the sessions.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to think about and identify what you really want – what it is that’s going to help you get back on track – you’ll be able to live a better life.

Sometimes counselling can be confronting, but with the utmost understanding and compassion I’ll be encouraging you to process these unpleasant feelings, and become proactive, rather than reactive to circumstances. We all have the freedom to choose how we respond to situations in life, even when we feel we really don’t. Sometimes when we feel that we’re powerless to change a situation, we must change ourselves, our attitudes and the way we habitually problem solve. The methods I use are many and varied. Afterall, you’re a completely unique individual with a unique set of issues and circumstances. It only makes sense to use the method or methods, most likely to help you achieve your goals.

I’m not saying this will be easy – in some cases it may be, but in others it may be quite difficult. What I’m asking, is that you come to sessions understanding that change often requires a great deal of practice and perseverence. I’ll be encouraging you to draw on your own stengths, to consider all your options, and to include the people who are most supportive in your life and whom you love and trust, to help you get back on an even keel.

It really is possible to make a conscious choice to live in the here and now, more fully and in each moment. You won’t be alone – I’ll be there for guidance and reassurance and as a team we’ll work our way through the shedding of old habits and develop new ways for you to live the life you were meant to live.

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