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The dictionary defines counselling as:​

1. The provision of professional assistance or guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems.

2. Interchange of opinions as to future procedure; consultation; deliberation.

3. Deliberate purpose; plan; design.

What will counselling do for you?

Counselling will allow you a safe environment to unload, share your burdens and develop a plan of action.

The therapeutic process takes you on a journey of healing and growth. When there doesn’t seem to be an answer for the problems or issues you’re experiencing, counselling can lead you to a result you were unable to discover by yourself.

Counselling can take different forms to suit individual needs. If you just want a quick result over a few sessions, we can concentrate on Solution Focused Therapy. Sometimes there are very deep issues, such as trauma or addictions. Counselling in these situations can take a much greater length of time. Very deep rooted issues have to be explored and healed. There can also be issues that you’re dealing with that fall somewhere in between these two on the continuum of distress.

Whatever your issues are, counselling can help. Taking a bit of time to talk through and investigate what went on in your life in the past and linking it to the present, can add a great deal of insight into your behaviours and enable you to move forward.

It's not the load that breaks you down. It's the way you carry it.

My Role:

I see counselling as a journey that we take together. I’m not an authority on your life, you are. I’m a partner to travel beside you while gently guiding you with tools that I’ve learnt and that will help you get to the destination you desire.

Your Role:

If you’ve sought counselling, it shows that you’ve made the decision to make changes in your life. Achieving results through the counselling process requires your commitment to receive the guidance I provide. There will sometimes be a small amount of homework given as we move through the process. Honesty and an open mind to the possibilities will greatly improve your chances of success.

"Janene has helped me through some of what I felt were my darkest times and I can't thank her enough. I've seen many counsellors since being diagnosed with depression and I never felt they truly understood me or even cared about what I was going through. I felt as if I was getting put into a chapter of their text book. Janene was the complete opposite. She took the time to really understand and get to the bottom of what was emotionally upsetting me and then worked through it all by asking questions, allowing me time to answer and express what I felt inside. The best part is she truly listened and cared about helping me find the light again. For anyone going through hard times or feeling they need someone to understand them, I highly recommend booking yourself an appointment with Janene. You honestly will feel safe and secure with her so that you can be as open as you need to be."

J. D.

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